Associated Body Language Expertise training program was developed from the need to educate security personnel how to develop observational skills and be able to proactively assess a possible threat and take all necessary actions to prevent it from taking place.

The program started as an effort to educate executive protection officers in identifying suspects who carry concealed guns and later was finalized into the casino environment in order to identify suspects that had the tendency to either steal or get involved to illegal actions. Today it is a program specifically designed for casino’s surveillance and security personnel.

The program has been offered from 2008 successfully to Casino Personnel, Law Enforcement, Governmental and Private Security personnel in Greece and Germany and the certificates are issued by the Bavarian Association for the Security in the Economy r.A (BVSW).


*BVSW education and training is certified according DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and 84 SGBIII/ 7,8 § AZWV*


Associated Body Language Expertise training program was firstly introduced to the American audience during the EPIC-Lifeforce Conference in December 2012 in Las Vegas and was highly regarded by the conference attendees.

The creator of the program, Mr. Andreas Venetis brings with him more than 22 years of experience in Executive Protection services and Counseling and 11 active years of teaching security professionals in Greece, Germany and Israel. What makes this program effective for improving observational skills of casino’s personnel is the fact that the founder and creator of the program Mr.Andreas Venetis has a long real work experience into the casino security as being the head of security for one of the biggest casino in Greece (Regency Casino Mont Parnes). It was his position and experience that contributed in the creation of this unique training course.

Why ABLE? Scientific methodologies via behavioral and statistical analysis helped us create the ABLE Training Program and validate the results this program produces. Based on the ‘Socrates Methodology’ the trainee, under the guidance of his/her trainer, learns how to observe study, detect, analyze and verify suspicious movements. The skills developed via the exercises this program provides, has taught us that Security Personnel can be more effective in preventing unforeseen events by identifying imminent threats and acting before they happen, instead of just reacting to an incident that already has taken place.

Who can attend? This is a must attend course for Law Enforcement Personnel, Loss Prevention, Security Guards and mostly, Casino Security Personnel (Surveillance Officers and Security). Anyone that is involved in providing security services will be highly benefited by attending our course.

Results? We can guaranty you will see the world differently after attending our class, official reports from previous clients (experienced staff of casino surveillance department) have shown an improvement by their security personnel and criminal incidents taking place in their work are dropped to 25% and more.


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